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I have been racing for over 25 years and the common thread has always been the bicycle.  It all started with mountain biking and triathlon in the 80’s.  An accident at the Leadville Trail 100 took me out for 12 months and when I was able to resume training it quickly became evident that I would no longer be able to swim and run the miles needed to race triathlons.  However, I was able to ride and resume racing my bike 18 months after the accident.  Road racing, cyclocross, mountain bike, track and time trials are all areas I have spent time training and racing.  Like you, I spent many hours researching training techniques, diet, recovery and equipment.  Always looking to push myself and my results I would leave no stone unturned.  Equipment is an area that has always fascinated me and I have taken multiple trips to the wind tunnel to work on many things including skinsuit design with a clothing manufacturer.  A meticulous attention to detail and endless desire to improve led me to researching the drive train.   Lots of man-hours, testing and improvement have gotten me to where I am today and the products that Atomic High Performance manufacture.

I still train and race today and have won over 25 State Championships, 3 National Championships and have a current and former world record to my credit.  If you want to improve your performance I can without question tell you that Atomic’s products will help you go faster on your bicycle.

Atomic High Performance is a company dedicated to developing cutting edge coatings, lubricants and components. Our athletes have won gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals, world championships and set world records using our products.  We will always push the scientific boundaries in search of improvement and our products are extensively tested before they are sold to the public so you can get the most out of it.

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