Atomic Product Line

We offer new, in stock parts from several manufacturers that are coated in our proprietary material or we can coat your existing equipment.  Chains must be new, no used chains will be treated.  When the gears are treated the metal is penetrated by about .0001 of an inch to provide long lasting benefit.  What is the benefit?  Our testing (as well as independent testing) has shown the reduction in mechanical friction provides gains in excess of 1%.  The coating is available in silver or dark grey and should be used for racing.

We don’t just coat gears, we also manufacture lubricant that is ideal to use with our coated gears.  We also offer a “race day” pedal upgrade, coat brake pads to slow heat soak of hydraulic fluid in the caliper and bearing service upgrades.

Atomic High Performance is always testing new ideas and has several products that are moving from prototype to production.   We will be announcing our newest product soon.

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